Vernada Geo – protection from the negative impact of Wi-Fi, and rooms placed on geopathogenic zones

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Vernada Geo – protection from the negative impact of Wi-Fi, and rooms placed on geopathogenic zones

Device Vernada Geo-neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation Wi-Fi router, router, wireless networks, as well as geopathic zones in apartments, offices and other premises, thus protecting people.

The fact that Wi-Fi networks are harmful to the body is already written by foreign media, recent studies by Ukrainian scientists confirm these data – see the article.

How to use Vernada Geo
The appliance should be connected to an electrical network. For the operation of the device is used “phase” wire network.

The device can be connected to any outlet in any room, and the effect of the device extends to all areas of the apartment, office (provided that they are all powered by one “phase”).

Application how Vernada Geo works
The device consists of a plastic housing, which houses the inverter and the network display system.

When the device is switched on, the left torsion field of the phase wire of the network is inverted to the right, which leads to the formation of a new right torsion field, and the reaction to such an event will be a significant reduction in the level of radiation of Wi-Fi and geopathogenic zones in the territory in which the mentioned phase wire is

On the effect of Wi-Fi radiation
In connection with the development of the Internet for wireless connection to the world wide web is widely implemented Wi-Fi system. In recent years, the Internet appears a lot of articles on the problem of whether the health of the Wi-Fi network, and the issues are considered not only the impact of radiation in this case on the human body, but also on trees, living systems.

Wireless networks cause irreparable harm to the health of children and adolescents. Note that Wi–Fi operates at the same frequency as microwave oven (microwave). For a person, this frequency is not so already harmless. Published a huge number of studies that prove that Wi-Fi has a negative impact on the health of mammals, in particular human health.

The most common diseases caused by Wi-Fi are cancer, heart failure, dementia and memory impairment. In the US, UK and Germany, are increasingly abandoning Wi-Fi in schools, hospitals, universities.

Vernada-Geo eliminates the negative effects of Wi – Fi wherever the device is connected to the electrical network, and for power Vernada-Geo and Wi-Fi uses the same phase wire of the electrical network. As previously indicated, the device is switched into the network is the inversion of the left torsional field phase conductor of the network on the right, which is equivalent to the formation of a new torsion right field, and response of the Wi-Fi at this event will be a significant reduction in the level of torsionnaya generated Wi-Fi in public areas, which is as a conductor of the power mentioned phase conductor.

On the influence of geopathogenic zones
In the world, there is a fairly convincing statistics of diseases of people who have been in geopathogenic zones of the Earth for a long time. These facts require serious study, however, the need to develop a device to prevent the pathogenic effects of these zones on biological systems is already evident.

The usual effect of geopathic zones on a person is assessed by the state of his health after a long stay in the zone. As a rule, this is done by interviewing already sick people and establishing the presence of geopathic zones in places of their long stay with the help of the method of biolocation. Such data has accumulated a lot.

Scientists of different countries and different specialties were engaged in researches of influence of geopathogenic zones on the person.
The main pathogenic zones experts believe global rectangular and diagonal graticule.
The rectangular grid is oriented around the world. In our latitudes, the distance between the grids is about 2 m North – South and 2.5 m East – West. The width of the grid lines is approximately equal to 20 cm There is evidence that GPP and their intersections – nodes oscillate with a frequency of 1 month on a cycloid, shifting from its original position on 1.1,5 m.

Long-term stay of the person in the field of influence of geopathogenic zones negatively affects his health. Especially dangerous is the long-term stay of a person at the intersection of these lines.

At long stay in a hostile area, the functions of the different bodies more and more upset. People will inevitably get sick.

The most common:

cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric diseases,
disorders of the musculoskeletal system,
provokes functional disorders,
accelerates the development of inflammatory processes and leads to deformation of the energy frame (own biofield) of the body and, as a consequence, to serious diseases-various forms of cancer,
disorders of coronary and cerebral circulation, polyarthritis, multiple sclerosis.

There are a number of certain signs that a person spends their vacation in geopathogenic zones:

antipathy to the place of stay and place of sleep,
prolonged sleep, poor sleep,
fatigue in the morning after waking up,
nervousness and depression,
rapid heart rate (tachycardia),
cooled limbs.
Unfortunately, doctors do not always associate these functional disorders with the influence of geopathogenic zones, trying to treat patients in different ways, including unsafe drugs.

Today, the easiest and most reliable way to avoid the risk of a serious disease caused by the impact of the left torsion fields of geopathogenic zones – once a year to change the location of beds in the apartment. This is enough, since serious violations can occur only after a long stay in geopathogenic zones.

Another reliable way to protect against the negative impact of geopathic zones is the use of a protective device Vernada Geo.

Report tests of the “Vernada Geo” device no. 290914-3457-UA

Checking the efficiency of the device Vernada Geo using the device IgA-1 and VEGA

Checking the efficiency of the device Vernada Geo using the device VEGA-11

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