Torsion generator

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Torsion generator

Known names: Akimov torsion generator, small generator, electrical generator torsional

Development (year): end of 80x (Soviet Union)

Production: not possible at the present time. The total number of produced generators is not precisely known (several dozen), their whereabouts unknown.

Known names of developers: A. E. Akimov, (mntts VENT)

Основные источники: А. Е. Акимовым. Эвристическое обсуждение поиска новых дальнодействия. EGS-концепция, препринт,  Москва, 1991


Inside the grounded metal housing 1 is a generator of electromagnetic waves G with tunable natural frequency. The output circuit 3 has a capacitor C and inductance L. the Change of polarity on the plates of the capacitor esmenet orientation of the ferromagnetic spins. The radiation generator outside the grounded metal case has only one Electrocardiology component as a part of the electromagnetic radiation (the other part is cropped because of the protection). Torsion radiation is formed by the cone 5. The frequency of the signal emitted by a torsion generator coincides with the generator frequency. Changing the frequency of electromagnetic waves changes the frequency of the output signal of the torsion, the torsion generator is controlled by means of electromagnetic fields. The following figure shows one of the generators Akimova, widely used in torsion experiments.

Fig. Diagram of a torsion oscillator: 1 – earthed metal housing, 2 – generator, 3-output circuit; 4 – ferromagnetic, 5 – cone forming a torsion field Fig. Small generator Akimova.

The device allows generating static torsion fields and torsion radiation at frequencies up to 100 MHz. It is possible to generate right and left torsion fields, to adjust the “intensity” of the output signal. The generators used a variety of sources of torsion signal: electron beams, plasma, ferromagnetic materials, etc. of the Polarization of the vacuum created by the cone (right and left torsion fields) shown in the figure below This effect, known as the “shape effect” described by many researchers and even patented.


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