Shape effect torsion fields

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Shape effect torsion fields

Since ancient times, it has been observed that the shape of an object has a strong effect on its perception. This fact was attributed to the manifestation of one of the sides of art in our life, giving it a sense of a subjective aesthetic vision of reality. However, it turned out that any object creates a “torsion portrait” around itself, which is a static (or dynamic) torsion field. For example, a static torsion field is created by a cone shape. 
In order to make sure of the existence of a torsion field created by a cone, an experiment was carried out, shown in Fig. 31. In this 

Fig. 31 Static torsion field of the cone affects the crystallization of salt KCl 

In the experiment, a supersaturated solution of KCl salt in a Petri dish was placed above the top of the cone. At the same time, the same solution was in the control plate, which was not exposed to the torsion field. 

Fig. 32. The result of the impact of the torsion field on the crystallization process of KCl salt: a – control sample; b – sample irradiated by a torsion field 

Figure 32 presents the results of the experiment. The salt crystals in the control sample are large and their size is different. In the middle of the irradiated sample, where torsion radiation fell, the crystals are smaller and more uniform. 

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