The music of your photo as a healing Quantum meditation

You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.


People who strive to improve spiritually, intellectually, physically, are interested in various practices capable of realizing these tasks. Meditation is the most famous and widespread practice that can help a person achieve peace of mind, learn to distance oneself from stress, improve emotional and physical health, and also bring many other positive changes to one’s life.

We create for you a unique and inimitable melody based on your photo.

Working in meditative practice with your photo melody created on the basis of your image, you get a lot of positive changes in your body and spirit.
Cleansing the mind and body, reducing the level of stress hormones in the body. While working in meditation practice with our audio meditations, a decrease in heart rate and breathing was noted. Immunity improves, a person feels a charge of vivacity and energy. The overall energy of the body rises. A person feels a surplus of strength, so any business is done easily and naturally. Now you can do more and do everything much better.

The body becomes more hardened and the practitioner more easily tolerates excess heat, cold, and also geomagnetic changes.

Some begin to glow a pleasant blush on their cheeks, painful pallor or yellowness disappears.

A person either loses kilograms, or vice versa gaining. He comes to that body weight, which is peculiar to him by nature.

A person meditating with our photo-image melodies is aging more slowly and lives longer. And in old age he feels great, almost like in his youth.

But this is at the level of physiology. However, psychological effects are also observed: a decrease in the level of depression, stress, and anxiety. A person becomes able to better control his emotions and, as a result of this, his relationship with others improves. Fear and self-doubt disappear, there is an opportunity to even forget about bad habits!

Mental changes.

Improving memory, clarity of perception and thinking. A person practicing meditation on the basis of your melody begins to think better and faster, it can be said to become smarter. After all, the clever, first of all, is not the one who knows a lot, but the one who thinks better. And these are not fairy tales. Scientists have proven that meditation directly affects the practitioner’s brain. The amount of gray matter is increasing. The level of beta waves during meditation is reduced. The loss of gray matter decreases with age. But the most interesting thing is that the mental talker, when we constantly think about something, recedes, and decisions come from the depths of the soul in the form of intuition. Now we are not rushing about in doubts, but we are clearly and soberly making decisions with the understanding that this is the only way. And when intuition increases, we stop making mistakes in life.

The practitioner puts emotions and feelings under control and begins to control them. Now they do not have power over him and lose energy supply from the owner, which

leads to the disappearance of energy-intensive negative emotions. This has a very beneficial effect on life. Vanity, useless experiences, fears about the future and internal torment disappear. How many lack it.

As a result, a person gets rid of many psychological problems and is even cured of mental illness. Panic attacks, depression, neurosis, anxiety and borderline conditions, as well as many other mental disorders, recede. A person better tolerates life’s difficulties, less exposed to stress.

This is where a person finally completely restores order in his life, understands what he needs, what he really likes, and not what he was told on TV.

Of course, the world cannot be fully seen as it is, human perception always introduces its own distortions. But the fact that a practitioner of meditation looks at an ever more sober look and more correctly is beyond doubt.
All this leads to the fact that a person becomes the master of his life and gains freedom. Freedom from programming from outside, and only his inner convictions will force him to do things. Meditation is a pill from the movie The Matrix, after which we wake up and exit the bubble – a cell called the ego. We have been sitting in it all our life, not seeing the real world, but only reflections inside this bubble in the form of our emotions and chatter of the mind.

After the ego stops during meditation, the human soul opens. She finally wakes up, gets out of captivity, and then real miracles begin. The practitioner reveals paranormal abilities. He learns what true Love is, becomes a happy person, wisdom and other higher qualities and feelings are revealed to him. He becomes impeccable in all respects and cognizes his true Self. His attention penetrates into subtle material spheres, he begins to see what an ordinary person cannot see.

And it is precisely the transformation of higher consciousness that is the further development of man as a species, and therefore true evolution.

With the constant practice of meditation, based on your personal healing spinor meditation, a person receives for himself a sufficient number of results.

Let’s consider some of them:

  • Cleansing the mind and body.
  • Relieving anxiety and nervous tension.
  • Decreased stress hormones in the body.
  • Restoring harmony in the human mind.
  • Stabilization of brainwave activity.
  • Relieve stress caused by environmental factors.
  • Replenishment of mental and physical strength.
  • Motivation for self-improvement and self-development.
  • Awareness in relation to oneself and to other people, as well as objects.
  • The development of creativity in various aspects.
  • Decrease in heart rate and respiration.
  • Improving mental activity.
  • The growth of self-confidence.
  • Improved ability to concentrate.
  • Strengthening the power of controlling emotions.
  • Improving the level of intelligence and organization of thinking.
  • Stop internal dialogue.
  • The development of attention.
  • The development of intuition.
  • The development of psychic abilities.
  • The opening of the chakras.
  • Surge of energy.
  • Coming to a more conscious lifestyle, for example quitting smoking or alcohol. Transition to a new stage of development.

To summarize gaining strength

Having spent only 20-30 minutes of daily time working in meditation practice with your personal photo image melody, you will receive as many bonuses as you never get from anything else. The time spent on yourself will pay off in full.

All of the above effects and bonuses can be combined and expressed in one phrase. But it is precisely in this simple expression that the deep meaning is hidden, which it reveals and explains as a simple and understandable benefit from meditation, in the form of gaining health, endurance, and stress resistance. And so is the benefit that comes from the mysterious aspects of our lives – improving our destiny, establishing life, good luck in all matters, increasing intuition, creativity, gaining paranormal abilities.

Remember the expression from the movie Star Wars – “May the Force come with you”. I hope you understand that there it was not a question of the physical strength of a person, but of a certain abstract Force that dwells not in our ordinary world, but in a mysterious and unknown world of subtle energies. It is there that our soul lives. These are the energies that confuse classical physics that studies the familiar visible world. And which only now began to study modern quantum physics.

This Force, which pervades everything that exists, sets the laws of the whole world, even though its subtle manifestations seem invisible to us. It nourishes every cell of our body and all living organisms. It gives them strength, but only if the body is open to it.

But we do not notice it, are not open to it, because the ego is closed in its bubble, and the Force cannot reach us.

When we stop the ego during meditation, the Force freely penetrates us, nourishes our body, psyche, soul, and we become healthy, smart, wise. We are just getting better than we are. Strength gives us what many have heard of, but did not know what it is, or confused this expression with a different quality of a person. Thanks to her, we gain strength of spirit, become strong spirit.

How we create individual healing Quantum meditation based on your photo. In our work, to turn your photo into a unique melody that belongs only to you.

We use laser technology for detecting the spin polarization of reflected photons from a photograph while scanning the laser beam of the photograph image. (It is this technology that P. Garyaev uses when creating his healing matrices; however, he does not translate his matrices to music)
We translate the obtained spectra of spin polarization to the frequencies of audible speech in the wav format, and a musical notes superimposed on the basis of the acoustically frequency characteristics.

Stages of creation

File 1) Quantum spectrum from image.wav
(This File is the conversion when the laser detecting the spin polarization of reflected photons from a photograph spectrum to the frequencies of audible speech) This is a quantum cast of your photograph turned into sound.

File 2) Quantum spectrum translated into notes.mid

This is the next step in making the melody of the image. Where the File 1) is converted to notes. The entire spectrum of the amplitude characteristic of the Quantum spectrum file is taken and, based on these data, notes are already superimposed based on the level of the amplitude characteristic of the spectrum. This can be compared with 3D modeling when textures are superimposed on the mathematical framework repeating the exact copy of the original model and thereby the overall picture of the model is obtained.

File 3) Music Photo Image.mp3

This is the PRE final stage of making individual music photography. When various instruments are superimposed, and thus the notes are sounded by the Orchestra performed by many instruments.

File 4) Music image + Quantum spectrum.mp3

This is when the Quantum spectrum of your photo image read by the laser is mixed with the Music Photo Image.mp3 track, so that original spin polarization spectrum would not interfere with listening to the track when the volume of the spin polarization (Quantum) spectrum decreases and the photo image music is displayed in front. It turns out two in one. It is very effective in its effects on the body. And it’s very simple to listen in a meditative state!


  • You get the created music!
  • You get original spin polarization (Quantum) spectrum in wav created from your photo with a laser system. (this is will be your spin state matrix by technology Dr. Garyaev)
  • Translation of the laser spin polarization (Quantum) spectrum into notes in midi format
  • And scoring these notes with musical instruments in mp3 (This is will be your Quantum meditation music. Track lasting 20 or 45 minutes.)

WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR ORDER PERSONAL music of your photo as a healing spin state meditation

Send by Email to us your photo in JPG format. Through the contact form on the site In the photo you should be alone, your face should be clearly visible and your forehead should be open and without hats.

this is a perfect example of a photograph that should be

If you are interested in our work and you want to order personal meditation based on your photo, you can always contact us and ask us a question that interests you.