Quantum Meditation ADARIS trehalose music

You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

Quantum Meditation ADARIS trehalose music

The benefits of meditation what you get
So what does meditation do?

Some of the physiological effects of meditation include:

Stabilizing effect on blood pressure levels
Decreased heart rate and breathing rate
Decrease in the content of stress hormones in the body
Improving mental alertness
Strengthening immunity
Stabilizing brain wave activity
A charge of energy and vivacity

Some of the psychological effects of meditation include:

Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and depression
Reducing fears, phobias, fear of death
Improving mood, ability to enjoy life
Increased self-confidence
Improving mindfulness
Improving the ability to concentrate
Strengthening the power to control emotions
Increasing the level of intelligence and organization of thinking

influence on the listener’s body and transmission of quantum information about the substance trehalose

Trehalose induces autophagy (an important mechanism for prolonging life)

Trehalose potently activates autophagy via the mTOR independent pathway. Autophagy is usually induced through a decrease in mTOR gene activity. But there are also alternative ways. And here is trehalose – it stimulates autophagy by increasing the level of the LC3-II protein, which is involved in autophagy processes. Trehalose also stimulates the synthesis of chaperones (heat shock proteins), increasing stress resistance.

Neuroprotective action
Insufficient protein aggregation is a key mechanism in the pathogenesis of a number of neurodegenerative disorders. One of the main strategies by which cells try to cope with abnormal protein aggregates is recognized as autophagy – intracellular degradation of aggregate proteins. Trehalose has recently been found to have a number of unique properties that indicate its potential effectiveness in preventing neurodegeneration. Thus, trehalose protects cells from hypoxic and anoxic damage and inhibits protein aggregation. The results of an in vivo study have demonstrated the cellular and behavioral beneficial effects of trehalose in animal models of neurodegenerative diseases.

In animal models of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Huntington’s disease, trehalose has been shown to reduce levels of toxic protein aggregates and increase tautophagy, as well as has neuroprotective effects, improves clinical symptoms (in particular, motor activity) and improves survival [2]. Based on data from experimental studies, scientists have concluded that trehalose may be effective in improving the functional outcomes of post-traumatic brain injury.
Thus, experimental data suggest that trehalose can prevent neurodegenerative disorders by stabilizing proteins and promoting autophagy. At the same time, trehalose does not have a toxic effect even with prolonged use at high concentrations, which opens the way for clinical studies of its effect on human tauopathies.

Mood stabilizer
The phenomenon of trehalose enhancement of autophagy was proposed to be used in the creation of antidepressants and drugs that stabilize mood.

At the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University. Ben-Gurion (Israel), the activity of trehalose was studied in animal models of depression and mania. The research results confirmed the presence of antidepressant properties in trehalose. It is suggested that positive behavioral changes may be associated with the effects of the disaccharide to enhance autophagy.


Tune to the audiovisual program before listening. It is necessary to completely relax and be at rest.

  1. Focus your attention on the video below, if possible, no extraneous thoughts.
  2. Remember the strongest positive emotions that you have experienced in your life.
  3. Focus on your own feelings, what you feel, usually a surge of positive energy that rushes rapidly, clearing your energy centers in the body. At this moment, immerse yourself as much as possible in listening to the audiovisual program, remember that something should not distract you (turn off your phone or Skype notification, etc.). Retire in a separate room, no one should disturb you while working with the audiovisual program.

How we create quantum music with a laser spectroscopy

First step of creation Quantum spectrum from trehalose

STEP 1) Quantum spectrum of spin polarization from trehalose.wav
This is the reading by a specialized laser device of quantum spectrum from tehalose in the regime of counter beams of a standing wave hologram according to Denisyuk. And the translation of this spectrum into the frequencies of audible speech. (this is the dr. Garyaev matrix). Based on it, we will create a music track for meditation.

The next step Quantum spectrum translated into notes.mid

This is the next step in making the melody of the trehalose. Where the Quantum spectrum from trehalose is converted to notes. The entire spectrum of the amplitude characteristic of the Quantum spectrum file is taken and, based on these data, notes are already superimposed based on the level of the amplitude characteristic of the spectrum. This can be compared with 3D modeling when textures are superimposed on the mathematical framework repeating the exact copy of the original model and thereby the overall picture of the model is obtained.

The next step creation Quantum music

This is the PREV final stage of making Quantum music. When various instruments and themes are superimposed on notes the very notes are sounded by the Orchestra performed by many instruments.

Music trehalose mixed with Quantum spectrum trehalose

This is when the Quantum spectrum of trehalose read by the laser is mixed with the Quantum music track, so that original spin polarization spectrum would not interfere with listening to the track when the volume of the spin polarization (Quantum) spectrum decreases and the photo image music is displayed in front. It turns out two in one. It is very effective in its effects on the body. And it’s very simple to listen in a meditative state!

Here is a sonogram of two sound tracks combined into one, where there is the main music track and the quantum spectra created from the trehalose are mixed in the background.