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You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

We provide the service of creating a music track for meditation based on laser spin polarization (Quantum) from your photo.
We use laser technology to register the spin polarization of reflected photons from a photograph while scanning a laser beam of an image of a photograph. (It is this technology that dr. Gariaev P.P. uses when creating his matrices, but he does not translate his matrices into music).
We convert the obtained spectra of spin polarization to the frequencies of audible speech in the wav format, and a note row is superimposed on the basis of the acoustic frequency response.
The stage of imposing the musical track on the acoustic frequency characteristics is performed in manual mode and takes up to several days of painstaking work. As a result, we get the musical track recorded in the file Notes.mid and various instruments are applied to the resulting musical track and the music of your image is obtained on the basis of the quantum spectrum. Working in meditative practice with your photo melody created on the basis of your image, you get a lot of positive changes in your body and spirit.
There are quite serious scientific clinical trials conducted on humans in which the positive role of meditation for the human body is shown. More details


1) A small video report where it will be shown what exactly the spin polarization Quantum spectrum is ​​created from your photo in the laser installation.
2) ORIGINAL laser record of the Quantum spectrum converted IN WAV format from your photo.
3) Translation of the spin polarization Quantum spectrum into notes, notation card in midi format.
4) The finished mp3 file, where the music midi track will be voiced by various instruments, this will be the melody of your photo, created on the basis of the spin polarization spectrum read from your photo.
5) As a bonus, a selection of meditative tracks in which your personal Quantum spectrum from a photo will be added.
6) HERE you can download the EXAMPLE that you get.


Production of a Quantum spectrum with a photo + translation of the laser spin polarization Quantum spectrum into a melody, the cost of the service 100 USD.
Production time after payment is up to 3 days.


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Attention we are not a public institution or a private clinic, and do not provide medical services if you need treatment, contact a specialized medical institution! not to us!

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