Wave Genetics experiments, music DNA is like a trill of birds

You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

Music DNA Wave Genetics experiment

Wave Genetics experiments, music DNA is like a trill of birds

In an article published back in 1997. The group of Peter Gariaev in the laboratory managed to obtain an amazing result. By experimenting with dry DNA extract and a laser, the group managed to obtain a semblance of DNA music, it sounds as like a trill of birds.

Newspaper “Kommersant” # 189 dated 01.11.1997, p. 11
Genome Project

Heredity is determined by physical fields

Alternative point of view on genetics
According to the prevailing view in modern genetics, the lion’s share of the DNA molecule – 99% of its length – does not contain the genetic code and is not of any interest from the point of view of searching and decoding hereditary information. This position, however, is not the only possible one and is disputed by representatives of a new direction not yet officially recognized by academic science – wave genetics. According to Petr Gariaev, Doctor of Biological Sciences, with whom the Kommersant-Daily correspondent met during the preparation of this material, that part of the DNA that is recognized as “garbage” contains the most important information about the structure and development of the organism. Only it is transmitted not by chemical, but by wave path.

According to Gariaev, the DNA molecule as a whole creates a kind of wave matrices that determine the development of a biological object. For example, an embryo’s arm or leg does not grow anywhere – but where a wave “frame” is already ready for it. A mathematical apparatus has been created to describe this process.

Petr Gariaev said that he was able to obtain experimental data in favor of his scientific views. When a DNA molecule was illuminated with a laser beam, it turned out that the light was scattered not only by the molecules themselves, but also by the empty places where these molecules had just been. Moreover, real chromosomes and their phantoms had very similar scattering spectra. It was concluded that in the process of Brownian movement, chromosomes leave behind a wave trail, which is recorded by devices. Under certain conditions, a wave trail can be stored for a very long time.

In the course of these experiments, extremely interesting unexpected effects were observed. Once an attempt was made to record the sound of a laser beam reflected from a plate with a DNA preparation. The people who were in the laboratory could not believe their ears when they turned on the Japanese radio and heard fantastic trills reminiscent of birds. It turned out that DNA molecules sound differently for each organism.

Petr Gariaev believes that hereditary information is transmitted by at least two types of physical fields: electromagnetic and acoustic. Deciphering the “language” in which the transmission of wave hereditary information takes place is the subject of a completely new scientific discipline – wave genetics.

I managed to successfully repeat this experiment, which was carried out by P.P. Gariaev’s group. in 1997.