Medical Coil Mishina Fabrication and setup

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Medical Coil Mishina Fabrication and setup

Medical coil Mishina in the treatment of diseases.

More than a hundred years, humanity has widespread uses electrical energy. Produced a huge number of various devices, which reside directly next to us, but not in one of the books not given exact physical descriptions of the source of energy — electric current. At the same time we almost never think about the simplest biological security of our devices and, as time has shown, absolutely nothing. Over the past decade there has been a sharp increase in the various pathologies of internal organs, the intensive development of cancer and many completely new diseases, to which traditional medicine is powerless. The reason for all this is not so much pollution, how much lack of understanding of physical processes across all of our devices based on electromagnetism.

Electromagnetic causes of pathology

If you touch the physics, everything in nature is based on the law of conservation of momentum, or, to put it simply — it is impossible to perform an action without having the point of support, and at the time of its occurrence and the object, and the support will receive the same mechanical effect. If it be considered from the point of view of eddy processes, it turns out that creating a standard way any electromagnetic interaction, we rely on transverse electrostatic (electric) plane. Our biological life is now placed in an environment where there are constant ripple from all of our devices, which continuously have an effect on the molecular structure. The main effect of electrostatics is the direct mechanical work to increase the frequency of rotation (twisting) of vortex shells of molecules and their groups. The result is excessive energorayone, leading to the formation of larger clusters. This phenomenon can be roughly compared with the formation of “balls” of metal after welding, either with regard to the welding seam. It turns out that the ever increasing strength of new structures associated with the loop structure on the electromagnetic axis of the molecular structure. Further impacts on these structures to mechanical (impact) ways ineffective. Similarly, in the human body. A ringed molecular structure not responding to medical treatment known is their “strength”. However, such education in the body can lead to the formation of tumors because of its excess energy (hyperactivity), or to block any other functions of the body.



The solution to this problem is in the field of electrostatics. Improving energy processes due to the decrease in the density of the medium between the molecular clusters, which leads to their sustainability. It is necessary to ensure the flow of the medium inside the cluster to create the effect of demagnetization. Further, the environment itself will fill the intermolecular space, which drastically weaken such a vortex of communication. The easiest way to do this is to create a zone of reduced density of the medium using electrostatic implosion and resonance. On the physical level, the phenomenon of suction (falling) environment in the area low density. This process can be created using a simple inter-turn capacitance. There is only the main difference between the usual capacitors and what we should do. In the first case, we are trying to increase capacity by minimizing the inductance of the capacitor, and the second to set the minimum capacity, but with a maximum inductance, wherein the inductance of the conductive plates themselves during the operation should tend to zero. Creating such a container, we get the complete opposite of the standard capacitor, it does not accumulate “charge”, and spins two electrostatic vortex (standing wave), top and bottom relative to the zone of the equator. Work in this mode is possible only in a certain frequency range, which is due only to the geometry of the vessel itself. A strong deviation from the operating frequency dramatically reduces the conductivity of the capacity and thus the formation of electrostatics. In nominal operation, is formed by two zones of lower density medium relative to the equator, then there is an electrostatic suction in the center of the device. Essentially the process is almost not different from the familiar “gravity”, with only a short range of only 2-3 meters. Noise power through this capacity depends on the applied voltage. For Wellness purposes it is quite enough of a standard frequency oscillators with the output voltage 12-24 volt and current not more than 100-200mA.

How to make flat coil (DMA) Consider several variants of such containers and their sequence of manufacture.

On pictures flat coil capacity, made of 2 wires MGTF 0.12 length of ~20 meters. Pre-made base, which is glued with double-sided tape. In the center set a round protrusion with a diameter of about 25 mm, around which begin to lay two wires parallel to the plane of the base. After the manufacture of such a flat coil, the resulting capacitance of two spiral plates that are attached to each other. You can use any copper wire whose diameter together with the insulation does not exceed 1.5 mm, the coil diameter should not exceed 23-25cm. Fixing of wire on top can be done simply by applying tape or any other convenient method.

Configure the oscilloscope

After fabrication of the coil is necessary to determine the frequency of operation of the vessel. Make two taps from the coil by taking the end of one wire from inside coil and the second wire from the other outside. The circuit thus remains open, and the two are not used the withdrawal of the plates just cut off.

If you use the standard generator power up to two watts, it is possible to determine the frequencies of the simple connection of oscilloscope probe across the terminals of the generator. Gradually increasing the frequency of the generator, looking for the first frequency at which the output voltage of the generator is the smallest, this will be the working frequency of the vessel. The second option is to measure the voltage on the 1ω resistor, connected in series in the power supply circuit.

In this case, looking for the first highest amplitude and this method of measurement allows to evaluate the quality of a given sine mode capacitive load.

Setting on led indicator
In the absence of the oscilloscope, to determine the operating frequency the tank by means of an indicator coil that is an inductor, the load which included 2 counter led.

With this method, the search frequency is the maximum luminosity of the LEDs, the voltage of the generator in this case must be reduced, thereby reducing the frequency range in which there is light.

Effective frequency coil

If it is good to secure the wire and not to expose the coil to the strong mechanical deformation, then after determining the optimum frequency of power supply capacity, its frequency will not change in the process of operation. For the above design capacity, the approximate frequency is 310кГц, while the effective range of the frequency of the supply signal is in the range of ±10 kHz relative to the operating frequency. Thus prepared electrostatic capacity has a wide range and low gradient of the density to the center of the coil during operation. This allows you to work effectively at the level of the Central nervous system, eliminate circulatory problems and many other small vortex of problems of living organisms


Features flat coil 12cm

More powerful in its effect on pathogenic education capacity with reduced distance between the plates. For example, you can run a wire 0.5 mm in diameter in the varnish insulation, the length of each wire will be 10-12 meters. The inner diameter will be about 25mm, and the outer 120-130mm. Such a capacity already much better works with smaller (physical layer) problems such as viruses and fungal diseases that can quickly remove the scar tissue and speed the healing. Detailed video instructions for making patent-12cm coil:


The power to the coils

The power coils can be sine (sine wave signal generator). Pulsed power supply for capacity is unacceptable, since it has no inertia in this mode. The range of effective frequencies for the torus is the same as for flat coils — 270-380кГц. During operation, capacitance, voltage supplied to the generator, may sink to ten times or more, the total active power supply can not exceed 0.1 watt. Maximum input power is to limit the current to 200mA and the voltage up to 20-24 volts. Exceeding these parameters may cause electrostatic breakdown in the form of occurrence of discharges from the center of the coil.