Lithium niobate pyramid LiNbO3

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Lithium niobate pyramid LiNbO3

Nonlinear lithium niobate LN crystals are widely used as frequency doublers for wavelength larger than 1000 µm, as optical parametric oscillators pumped at the wavelength of 1064nm and quasi passagemaking devices. Due to its unique electro-optical, photoelastic, piezoelectric and nonlinear properties of the nonlinear crystals lithium niobate
Crystals are grown by the Czochralski method, and is polarized along the Z-axis.


Properties of lithium niobate crystals

Formula LiNbO3
Lattice constant, A A=b=5.148 Å c=13.863 Å
Melting point 1250℃
The density of 4.64 g/cm3
The Curie Temperature Of ~ 1140℃
Hardness Mohs 5
Thermal expansion a11 =15.4×10-6/K, a33 =7.5×10-6/K
Thermal conductivity, W/(m·K) at a temperature of 300 K 5.6
The refractive index of n0 =2.286 ne =2.203 at 632.8 nm
Nonlinear coefficients, PM/V at 1064nm d31 = -4.5 d33 = -0.27 d22 = 2.1
Electro-optical coefficients, PM/V at 633nm γT33 =31, 31 γs=9, 22 γs =3.4
The transmittance of 420~ 5200нм >68% at 632.8 nm
Cauchy’s formula (λ: ám) n02(λ)=4.9048+0.11768/(λ2-0.04750)-0.027169×λ2 ne2(λ)=4.5820+0.099169/(λ2-0.04443)-0.021950×λ2


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