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You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

on video old version laser 2018
NEW LASER VERSION 2021, one of the possible applications of a laser system in the generation of a true random based on quantum fluctuations of randomness

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We offer you experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics.

I welcome you.
I represent to your attention experimental laser system for experiments in the wave genetics and other physical disciplines.
At the time of the scanning laser beam passes through the cuvette with different substances.
When this effect takes a certain amount of energy is absorbed by the atoms of the scanned elements,
and this is reflected in the rate of flow of energy between modes of the laser beam.
We record the change in the polarization modes of the laser at the time of scanning of various substances. and transforms this signal into radio waves.
All obtained spectra are dynamic and exhibit the property of quantum nonlocality in registration of the change of spin polarization of photons.
Based on this effect, we can record dynamic spectrum to be any scanned substances.
Where the radiation source is the coil of Mishin. where on the coil you can put DNA samples with primers for further amplification of DNA polymerase that allows to experiment in the wave genetics.
You can also transfer the properties of different substances or medication to the water, thereby creating a new direction in medicine spinor homeopathy.

This laser system was developed by the Russian scientists Physicist George Tertyshny.
With this installation, You can scan any substance poured into the cuvette.
The obtained spectra you can record in wav format and play them on any mp3 player.
When people listen to this spectrum. they transferred the quantum structure of the scanned material.
And Without the side effects any medication to treat a person in the form of sound.

With this setup, the Dr. Garaev managed to teleport DNA.
Was an experiment with PCR. They took the DNA sequence of 500 nucleotides.
They were scanning this laser system the 500 nucleotides of DNA.
Recorded quantum spectrum, polarization spectrum in Waw format and then irradiated this spectrum is a regular speaker on the tube with plain water and primers.
And then conducted quick and the PCR reaction, and found that was able to teleport using the polarization spectrum of the laser of those 500 pairs of nucleotides of DNA.
This unique laser system. With it you can change the world. The potential is huge. Thank you for your attention.

A set of the hardware-software complex consists of:

1) -experimental He-NE laser (with special polarization properties)
2) -laser controller
3) -external static radiator antenna
4) -adjustment table
5) -adjusting mirror holder
6) -software for the computer
7) -video tutorial how to use laser
8) -power supply
9) -SDR USB for analysis and recording spectra

The results of the experiments:

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