Studies on the healing of DNA

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Studies on the healing of DNA


Gregg Braden reported the striking details of the three experiments with DNA which prove that DNA can be healed with the help of “feelings” person.

In a recently developed program, “Healing Hearts – Healing Nations: the Science of the World and the Power of Prayer” Gregg Braden says that in the past we have lost a large amount of information on the ancient spiritual traditions after the fire in the library of Alexandria was lost at least 523.000 instruments. But perhaps there is information that is relevant to those ancient teachings, which could help us understand some of the mysteries of science. Gregg Braden, scientist and engineer, reported three very interesting experiments.


This experiment was conducted by Dr. Vladimir Poponin, a quantum biologist. First, in some capacity was created in a vacuum, where there was only material objects – photons (particles of light). Measured the location of the photons and found that they are distributed solely at random. This was an expected result. Then the container is placed part of the DNA, and again measured the distribution of photons.

This time the photons were LINED up IN a CERTAIN ORDER, based on DNA. In other words, organic DNA had an effect on the particles of inanimate nature.

After that, the DNA recovered from the container and then measured the photons. The photons REMAINED IN the SAME ORDER and oriented in the same direction, where the DNA. What was the connection between the particles of light? What holds the photon together?

Gregg Braden says we are forced to admit the possibility of the emergence there of a NEW energy field, energy system, and that DNA exchanged information with the photons through this energy.


This experiment was carried out by the military. From donors was taken by the white blood cells of them were DNA was isolated and placed in a special chamber for measuring electric charges. In the experiment, the donor was placed in a separate room and subjected to “promotion” by using video clips that were causing the person different emotions. DNA was in another room of the same building. For the donor and the DNA were monitored.

As a donor “gave out” the spikes of emotion, as measured by electrical impulses, DNA reacted IDENTICAL ELECTRICAL IMPULSES AT the SAME TIME.

There was not lag time or the time of signal transmission. Peaks and valleys in the pulses of the DNA matches EXACTLY in time with the peaks and valleys of the pulses of the donor.

The military wanted to see how far they can alienate the donor from his DNA and continue to get the same result. They discontinued the study after the distance between the donor and his DNA was 50 miles, and the result of the experiment was THE SAME: there was no lag time, no transmission time of the signal.

DNA and its donor showed identical reactions at the same time. What can it mean?

Gregg Braden says that living cells exchange information through is not recognized by the earlier form of energy. This kind of energy is not affected by either time or distance. Is not a local form of energy is energy that exists everywhere and at any time.


The third experiment was conducted by the Institute of Mathematics of the Heart, and the report written about the experiment, called “Local and Nonlocal Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational changes of DNA.” (Pay no attention to the name!

The information itself is awesome!)
This experiment is directly related to the anthrax. Several placenta DNA (the most ancient form of DNA) was placed in a container which could be measured by its change. Trained participants, each of whom was able to experience strong emotions, seeded 28 vials of DNA. All participants were instructed how to play and relive the “right” feelings.

It was found that depending on the feelings of the researchers, the DNA CHANGED ITS SHAPE.

When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA TENSION was REDUCED, and the spiral was straightened and grew longer.
When the researchers FELT fear, anger, disappointment, or experienced stress, DNA TWISTED and COMPACTED. She was shorter and had cut OFF many of our DNA codes!
If you have ever felt “turned off” by negative emotions, now you know why your body was the same way “off”. DNA codes were activated when the participants experienced again feelings of love, joy, gratitude and admiration.

Later, this experiment was conducted with HIV-positive patients. It was found that experiencing feelings of love, gratitude and admiration increased resistance of the body 300 000 times. Here is the answer that will help you to always feel good, no matter what dreadful virus or bacteria are all around you. Stay in a state of joy, love and admiration!

These emotional changes go far beyond the known electromagnetic phenomena. People who are able to experience a deep sense of love that can change the shape of their DNA. Gregg Braden says this illustrates the recognition of new forms of energy that connects all creation.
This energy is, it seems, is a TIGHTLY WOVEN NETWORK linking all material. Essentially, we are able to influence this chain of creation through our VIBRATION.


What do these experiments with the existing situation? Behind all this is the science that defines how we will be able to choose the right time to stay safe, no matter what is happening around.
As explained by Gregg Braden in “the Isaiah Effect”, time is not only linear features (past, present and future), it also has depth.

The depth of time consists of all possible prayers that ever could be and was lifted up. In fact, all of our prayers have already been answered. We only activate one of them, experiencing it with their SENSES. HERE’s HOW we create our own reality – we choose her your feelings. Our feelings activate the time interval through the network of creation, connecting all the energy and matter in the Universe.

Remember the universal law that we attract to ourselves what focus? If you focus on fear, you thereby send a signal to the Universe to give you what you’re afraid of. But if you tune into the feelings of joy, love, gratitude, or admiration, and will focus on bringing more of these qualities into your life, then you will automatically be able to avoid anything negative.

Your feelings will you choose a different VREMENNOI INTERVAL.
You can prevent the possibility of Contracting anthrax or flu, other viral and other diseases if you tend to only experience positive feelings that can support the immune system at a very high level.

Thus, you get protection from anything: find something that will delight you every day, or hour, or few minutes per day. This is the easiest and best protection that can be. And if all else “is not”, be happy with what the universe has already caught all the criminals!


The old Indian told his grandson how he experienced the tragedy. He said: “I feel like in my heart are fighting two wolves. One wolf is vengeful, angry and violent. The other is loving and compassionate.”
The grandson asked: “And who of the wolves will win this fight in your heart?”
The old man replied: “the One I feed”.

Gregg Braden

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