Generation Bitcoin wallet on quantum states

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Generation Bitcoin wallet on quantum states

I am glad to welcome everyone.
I got a rather interesting idea of ​​using my laser setup.
And so here is a spinor spectrometer created in our laboratory for biological experiments.
How does he work.
The laser beam scanning any biomacromalecules contains information related to the dynamic polarization modulation of two orthogonal optical modes of laser radiation.
This approach could become a true quantum random generation for Bitcoin private keys.
Because Impossible wakes up never again to reproduce, in any case in this universe, the same quantum pattern of spin polarization of reflected photons from biomacromalecules, which are also in motion.

What I am going to do is just record a five second spinor spectrum from carbohydrates. Next, I will convert this spinor spectrum to wav format and then to binary. This will allow the generation of hundreds of thousands of new bitcoin keys based on quantum randomness.

Here I demonstrate that indeed this spectrum refers to what is scanning the laser beam in the cuvette.

Next, I will open goldvav, by the way this is how this spectrum sounds.
Too large file will only leave two seconds.
And I’ll keep it binary.
Now I’ll open it in hex.
I’ll take one string and convert it to Base58.
And here is the private key from the bitcoin wallet.
Let’s create a new wallet and insert the private key there.
Here is the public address of the Bitcoin wallet.

I will repeat the operation with a different address.

Now I want to estimate the complexity of Generating the resulting wallet.
As for me, the complexity of the generation is quite complex.

I repeated all operations and generated this wallet address.
Now I will send some dust there.
Let this address appear in the databases of wallets with a positive balance.
And since these databases are subjected to brute force attacks on the search for private keys every day.
Thus, I will check the reliability of my method of generating a bitcoin address.

Well, that’s all, I will leave all the files below the link in the description.

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