Device Forpost-1 protection against information (torsion) radiation components 

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Device Forpost-1 protection against information (torsion) radiation components, torsion radiation computer monitor, TV, other electronic equipment

Forpost-1 provides medical and biological protection of the person, creates a safe zone and prevents:

  • The fatigue and tension of a user of the computer during operation of the monitor
    Violation of brain activity
    The reduction in concentration
    Pathology of visual analyzer (eye), upper respiratory tract
    Harmful effects on the immune, endocrine, reproductive systems and genetic apparatus
    Disorder of nervous and cardiovascular systems

It can be successfully used by the owners of any model of TV or monitor. Put the Forpost- 1 under or above the TV (monitor) in a convenient place for you at a distance of several centimeters from the plane of the screen, that it would be between you and the radiation source.

The device does not require a power supply, it does not create any interference with monitors, TVs or other equipment.

Prolonged exposure to information (torsion) radiation components of TVs, PC monitors and other electronics can lead to:

General deterioration of human health,
cause of headaches,
cause excessive fatigue;
to cause blurred vision and memory,
loss of sleep;
lead to a decrease in the level of leukocytes and lymphocytes in the human blood,
depression of immunity;
adversely affect the endocrine and reproductive systems.
It is issued since 1995.

“The best invention-2001 “in Ukraine in the nomination”environmental Protection”.

The Forpost-1 is recommended for use:

The Ministry of health of Ukraine: Conclusion the Main GSAU the Ministry of health of Ukraine No. 5.04.03/1601;

Ukrainian Institute of human ecology: (Minutes of the meeting of the scientific Council № 5 from 03.07.03.);

Its advantages are small size and extremely easy to use. No one knows what the harmful consequences of human technological progress, but to think about their safety in a world of continuous electromagnetic radiation is today!

The Advantages Of The Forpost-1:
Easy to use – works silently and imperceptibly!
Reliable protection against invisible influences;
From 7 years of continuous work!
Increase of labor productivity due to normalization of biological rhythms;
Forpost-1 improves health, attention, memory and overall health;

for whom the Forpost-1 is suitable ?

  • Owners of LCD and plasma TVs, LCD monitors and televisions with cathode-ray tube;
    Everyone whose work or entertainment is closely related to the computer;
    Protection for the businessman-protects the brain from overloads, improves the quality of decision-making;
    Protection for the child-improves the ability to concentrate and learn new knowledge;
    To protect Your bio-energy, improvement of creativity, intuition and overall tone;
    For health care during pregnancy;
    To restore strength after sickness or injury;
    Everyone who cares about the energy purity of their living space!

How does works the device Forpost-1

Device forpost- 1 to protect against electromagnetic radiation neutralizes hazardous to human health torsion(information) component of electromagnetic radiation, creating an obstacle to the emergence of energoinformatsionnyh links between the emitter and man, and, as a consequence, significantly improves productivity, supports the physiological parameters of the user’s body.

The Forpost-1 represents the generator right pan static torsion fields which, in contact with are extremely dangerous for the human body, the left torsion field of the monitor rejects the latter from the initial position by almost 180° in the area of its right field (in accordance with the laws of interaction of torsion fields), i.e. in the opposite direction from the user side, the fields are mutually neytralizuya the monitor at a distance of 10-15 cm behind him. As a result of mutual compensation of the left and right fields of the monitor, a safe zone is created both in front of the monitor and around it with an area of up to 2.5 m2.

It can be successfully used by the owners of any model of TV or monitor.

The device does not require a power supply, it does not create any interference with the operation of TV monitors or other equipment.

The device Forpost-1 is a generator of the right form static torsion field. In the interaction of the right torsion field generated by the device Forpost-1, with negatively affecting human health left torsion field computer monitor (the TV, other electronic devices), there is mutual compensation of the fields that are created contain airborne microorganisms in the area in front of the monitor (TV), and around it.

Moscow scientists who worked with special active generators of the right torsion field in the mode of sparing low-intensity exposure, concluded that such exposure is a powerful healing factor. People who worked with the generators, almost did not go to the doctors, and infectious and hypothermia-related diseases suffered much easier.

Forpost-1 affects a person similar to the above-mentioned active generator of the right torsion field.

The effect of improving the General physical condition of the body when using the protective device Forpost-1 in everyone can be manifested strictly individually, depending on the duration and degree of exposure to negative radiation on the person, as well as the presence of existing health problems.

Children and pregnant women are most sensitive to the influence of torsion (information) fields.

Check with the meter IGA-1 and VEGA-10

The use of the device Forpost-1
The device Forpost-1 is recommended to be installed as follows: for LCD and plasma TVs, LCD monitors – under or above the TV (monitor) in A convenient place for you; for TVs and monitors with an electron beam tube-directly in front of the TV (monitor) at a distance of several centimeters from the screen plane.

Forpost- 1 can be used as a bioenergy tool to support General physical tone and performance of the body. During periodic wearing of protective devices (e.g., while travelling in various types of vehicles or when working in industrial environments with a high level of electromagnetic background) it acts as a means of reducing fatigue, balancing and enhancing the energy of the body.

Patents, Research:
Patents, certificates, researches, conclusions of expert commissions on Forpost-1
Conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise

United States Patent Pavlenko,6,563,043 B2 May 13, 2003 et al System and method for generating a right torsion field Inventor: Pavlenko; Anatoliy R. (Kiev,UA); Pavlenko; Olexander A. (Kiev,UA)

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