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You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

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The benefits of meditation what you getSo what does meditation do? Some of the physiological effects of meditation include: Stabilizing effect on blood pressure levelsDecreased heart rate and breathing rateDecrease in the content of stress hormones in the bodyImproving mental alertnessStrengthening immunityStabilizing brain wave activityA charge of energy and vivacity Some of the psychological effects …

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Quantum Meditation ADARIS – Activation of Ajna and Sahasrara Chakras

Man is a complex biological energy-informational structure. Many are aware of the activation of the seven main energy centers that are included in our aura. When doing meditations to clear the aura or activate the chakra structure, it is important to remember that there are light bodies and there are energy bodies. For example, meditation …