You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

Gregg to share Heart – Brain Harmonization Mediation Technique to Relieve Daily Stress.

Gregg Braden & Wisdom Traditions Team would like to thank all of you who sent 100s and 100s of emails asking Gregg to share ‘Heart – Brain Harmonization Mediation Technique’. As this video contains mediation segment, pls do not watch/listen whilst driving, operating heavy machinery and or undertaking any physical activities which may cause harm. …

torsion fields adaris


It is known that the better studied any area, the more unambiguous and predictable result it is possible to obtain. And vice versa, the more unaccounted for factors, the more the result depends on the art of the master and the circumstances. From this point of view, modern sound technology presents a blatant contrast to …

spinornaya meditaciya adaris

Spinor Meditation ADARIS – Activation of Ajna and Sahasrara Chakras

Man is a complex biological energy-informational structure. Many are aware of the activation of the seven main energy centers that are included in our aura. When doing meditations to clear the aura or activate the chakra structure, it is important to remember that there are light bodies and there are energy bodies. For example, meditation …

Music Genome Covid-19

This is a translation into the music of the genomic code Covid-19 type Wuhan-Hu-1.Each note in track is presented translation of the codon RNA gene Covid-19 type Wuhan-Hu-1. The album contains 11 music tracks, 11 participants virus genes. You can become the only one in world collector of this album. — The uniqueness of the …

DNA music – aquaporin 4 Homo sapiens

How does the assembly in the ribosome from the messenger mRNA of a gene region sound if translated into notes and sounded with various instruments. You are listening to the melody of the protein sequence assemblyFrom the human GENE AQP4Human AQP4 gene: identification of a locus encoding two polypeptide water channels in the brain.

DNA Music – Homo sapiens myelin basic protein (MBP), transcript variant 1, translation

Transfer to the melody of the amino acid assembly sequence of the basic myelin protein.A melody of translation (assembly) of amino acids (proteins) from the mRNA template region of the human MBP gene———————–

DNA Music – sequencing protein TSPO transcript

Transfer to the melody of the amino acid assembly sequence of the sequencing protein TSPO transcript.You are listening to the melody of the protein sequence assemblyFrom the human TSPO GENE Homo sapiens translocator protein (18kDa) (TSPO), transcript variant PBR-S, mRNA

Generation Bitcoin wallet on quantum states

I am glad to welcome everyone.I got a rather interesting idea of ​​using my laser setup.And so here is a spinor spectrometer created in our laboratory for biological experiments.How does he work.The laser beam scanning any biomacromalecules contains information related to the dynamic polarization modulation of two orthogonal optical modes of laser radiation.This approach could …

Non-invasive intervention in plant genomic structures

I propose an open experiment on plants, non-invasive intervention in the genomic structures of plants by means of exposure to modulated broadband electromagnetic field by polarizations (mBEF) laser radiation records. Another name for these spectra (spinor spectra or Garyaev matrices). We have obtained a file of the spectrum of the secondary laser radiation modulated by …