You can buy experimental Laser system for experiments in Wave Genetics and Torsion fields. Creation on their basis of individual meditative musical programs. We also translate into the melody the sequenced sections of genes, thereby producing Music of DNA.

Music Genome – Lotus japonicus phosphatidylinositol transfer-like protein III (LjPLP-III) mRNA

You are listening to the melody of the protein sequence assemblyFrom the Lotus japonicus plant.Plant Lotus japonicus. gene: PLP-III. product=”phosphatidylinositol transfer-like protein III”source of the genomic cod:

Music Genome Covid-19 Delta variant

This is a translation into the music of the genomic code Covid-19 type Delta.Each note in track is presented translation of the codon RNA gene Covid-19.Each track is sold separately and offers in a single copy NFT.You can become the only one in world collector of this album.

Quantum mechanic communication in cells: A paradigm shift in biology

Weak emission of light from cells in a living organism was discovered by the Russian embryologist Alexander Gurwitsch in 1926  in dividing onion cells microscopically. He observed different numbers of mitotic cells in onion roots which were separated by glass, compared to those separated by quartz. Based on these differences, he postulated that living organisms …

discoveries in the field wave genetics

A BIonic model for exchanging waves between water and DNA

Massimo Fioranelli and Maria Grazia Roccia Abstract Recently, the quantum spectrum of black BIons has been considered and their entropies have been calculated. Generalizing this model to a tube of water which interacts with DNA waves, its quantum spectrum and entropy could be obtained. A DNA can emit two types of waves, including electromagnetic waves (EMS) and …

Music DNA Wave Genetics experiment

Wave Genetics experiments, music DNA is like a trill of birds

In an article published back in 1997. The group of Peter Gariaev in the laboratory managed to obtain an amazing result. By experimenting with dry DNA extract and a laser, the group managed to obtain a semblance of DNA music, it sounds as like a trill of birds. I am giving an example in this …

Wave Genetics experiments with hologram dna and yeast

Wave Genetics experiments with hologram dna and yeast

Wave genetics experiment hologram dry floral dna extract effect on yeast development rate. conditions:50 milliliters of distilled water2 grams of dextrose1 grams yeast1 hour of irradiation embedding floral of holographic DNA informationon the yeastcontrol is not irradiated Results:After one hour of laser DNA irradiationyeast more active?

Quantum Meditation ADARIS trehalose music

The benefits of meditation what you getSo what does meditation do? Some of the physiological effects of meditation include: Stabilizing effect on blood pressure levelsDecreased heart rate and breathing rateDecrease in the content of stress hormones in the bodyImproving mental alertnessStrengthening immunityStabilizing brain wave activityA charge of energy and vivacity Some of the psychological effects …

adaris music mix - the true nature of light

Gregg to share Heart – Brain Harmonization Mediation Technique to Relieve Daily Stress.

Gregg Braden & Wisdom Traditions Team would like to thank all of you who sent 100s and 100s of emails asking Gregg to share ‘Heart – Brain Harmonization Mediation Technique’. As this video contains mediation segment, pls do not watch/listen whilst driving, operating heavy machinery and or undertaking any physical activities which may cause harm. …

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It is known that the better studied any area, the more unambiguous and predictable result it is possible to obtain. And vice versa, the more unaccounted for factors, the more the result depends on the art of the master and the circumstances. From this point of view, modern sound technology presents a blatant contrast to …