Electrotorsion generator Akimova

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Electrotorsion generator Akimova

Electrotorsion generator Akimova

Circuitry electroforming generator has nothing to do with circuitry of conventional electronics and, if such a device came to the experts who are engaged in traditional technology, they would have discovered there’s a lot of things from the point of view of the traditional engineer, in particular, a specialist in electronics or radio communications are just a meaningless character type, a situation when, for example, two or three outputs can internal circuits from an electrical point of view to zamorachivatsya, but at the same time, they leave a completely different sensor signals.
Torsion field accompany electromagnetic fields and generators design Akimova configure torsional component, wherein the electromagnetic shielding component. This class of torsion field produced by the spin of the electron, was named electrocardiogram. Torsion generators of this type consume power of the order of tens of milliwatts.

Electrical schematic of a torsion generator Akimova
Inside the double cones, the exact center, along the axis and in the center is a specific element which is the primary source of torsion radiation. And everything else that is contained in this generator, is a device that allow the radiation that creates in different directions in accordance with the laws of the axial symmetry of the internal primary source to gather and modified. The device, the cone, the second cone on the opposite side, the triangles, which are located exactly on the axis of symmetry, plane of symmetry, have a relationship of the Golden section. The cone height is 0.618 of the diameter, the height of each triangle is 0.618 in relation to its base. The implementation of this design, there are a number of tricks. Tricks at the top of the cones and foci, which are distributed on the vertices of the triangles are the concentration of all primary torsion energy of the emitter.

Schematic diagram of the emitter of the torsion signal generator electrocardiogram Akimova
The emitter of the torsion generator consists of a cylindrical condenser 3, on the inner lining which is applied a negative voltage, and the external positive DC voltage 2. The inside of the cylindrical capacitor placed magnet, which is the source not only of the static magnetic field, but static torsion field. This field is generated (as well as magnetic) with a total spin of electrons. Moreover, between the capacitor plates happens the purely spin (static neutrino), the polarization of the vacuum created by the potential difference. To create torsion radiation of a given frequency on the capacitor plates is applied alternating electromagnetic field (control signal) 1. Under the action of an alternating electromagnetic field 1 a given frequency changes the orientation of the spins (with the same frequency) of the electrons inside the magnet and polarized spins between the capacitor plates. The result is a dynamic torsion radiation having a high penetrating ability.

Similar design (cylindrical capacitor in a magnetic field) review of I. E. Tamm in paragraph 104 of his famous textbook “Fundamentals of theory of electricity” – in his example, he shows the existence of electromagnetic momentum in static electromagnetic fields. Tamm writes:

In the space between the capacitor plates, the Poynting vector is nonzero and equal

Vect poit.gif
Lines of the Poynting vector, i.e. the flow lines of energy are concentric circles, the plane of which is perpendicular to the axis of the capacitor.
Thus, we come to the idea of a continuous circulation of energy along closed paths in a static electromagnetic field. View this does not lead to any consequences that can be directly verified by experience, and therefore devoid of direct physical meaning.
The physical meaning of Tamm finds further that such a vortex configuration of the Poynting vector leads to a localization between the capacitor plates of angular momentum, and this should be supported by experience: when the discharge of the capacitor in a magnetic field one needs to acquire a mechanical momentum.