A BIonic model for exchanging waves between water and DNA

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A BIonic model for exchanging waves between water and DNA

Massimo Fioranelli and Maria Grazia Roccia


Recently, the quantum spectrum of black BIons has been considered and their entropies have been calculated. Generalizing this model to a tube of water which interacts with DNA waves, its quantum spectrum and entropy could be obtained. A DNA can emit two types of waves, including electromagnetic waves (EMS) and topoisomerase-like ones. EMS carry messages of a DNA and help it to communicate with other DNAs and also pure water. Topoisomerase-like waves open packings of a DNA and copy its genetic information. Both of these waves could interact with pure water and change its entropy and quantum spectrum.


In this study, we used the model [6] to consider the effect of DNA waves on
entropy and quantum spectrum of pure water. We have argued that DNA can emit two
types of waves. These waves:

  1. Electromagnetic waves.
  2. Topoisomerase-like waves.
    Electromagnetic waves help DNA communicate with each other and with water.
    and coordinate their activities. Waves like topoisomerase decode the genetic coding of DNA and copy it into RNA and pure water. If we have two tubes of water that
    includes DNA and one more thing: DNA waves change the entropy of pure water.

These results are in good agreement with those of [15]. We have shown that water and
DNA can exchange waves like topoisomerase and directly influence each other.

Our result gives some reasons for the appearance of some structures around DNA in water.
such as discussed in the article “” Luc Montagnier, Jamal Assa, Antonio Capolupo, Travis J. A. Craddock, Philip Curian, Claude Lavalle, Albino Polcari, Paola Romano, Alberto Tedeschi, Giuseppe Vitiello, Water 2017, 9, 339. ””

full version of the article source doi.org/10.1142/S0219887819500518